About Us


Gamers United Foundation is a charity and community based nonprofit aimed at promoting entertainment, mental health, and education within the gaming and geek community.

About Us

Gamers United Foundation was created with the intention of creating a more positive gaming community by providing a positive place for gamers and geeks to network and express themselves through various gaming related events. We wish to bring the gaming and geek community closer together by providing mental health resources and events, while creating a better community in which people feel they can share their ideas, get feedback and improve on individual talents. Lastly, we wish to work with academic institutions of secondary and higher education, as well as gaming conventions to provide information and create and/or host talks, panels, workshops and events promoting the pursuit of gaming and geek related careers, concepts, and entertainment.


Gamers United Foundation has been holding VR events at the major Anime/Gaming conventions around Michigan. As of Shuto Con 2018 we are now looking into branching out and holding various fundraising events for like minded nonprofits and charities in the Greater Lansing areas. We are looking to work with both and MSU and LCC, and would like to start collaborating with local board game groups. We would like to establish a solid set of local D&D groups along with creating a Super Smash Bros Charity based tournament. If you would like to help raise money for a good cause, please contact us at volunteer@gamersunited.org. Without you we can not work towards our mission and grow!